Excise warehouse. Customs warehouse. Logistics.

Logistics Center

Area of the warehouses 17000 m²

More than 1500 delivery points around Latvia

Monthly turnover of 3 000 000 €
& 1 200 000 kg of


Logistics center is located within the city of Riga not far from the Freeport of Riga and just16 km away from the Riga International Airport, which is especially convenient for the consolidation and European transit cargos storage. Our warehouse area is 17000 m²

About us

We are the SIA "DIPOL Latvija" company. We have been working on the Latvian market since 2013. At present goods from our warehouse are being delivered to 1500 active points throughout Latvia. Our vehicle fleet consists of 25 vehicles that deliver goods weekly. We provide logistics services with delivery to each Mego store and its partners. We also deliver goods to the warehouses of such chains as "MAXIMA", "RIMI", "IKI", "NORFA" around the Baltics. Our 17000 m² logistic center is located within the city of Riga on Dzelzavas street 127.

Excise warehouse

"DIPOL Latvija" offers formalities for placing excise goods into circulation.

We undertake to solve all difficulties, pay the tax, fill in declarations and draw up transportation documents. Use of excise duty security. Ordering excise stamps. Release of excise goods. Ordering excise stamps. CMR preparation. Storage in a shelving system. License for storage and processing of alcohol, soft drinks and coffee. Bonding of excise stamps and / or stickers. Pasting annotations. Custom printing of annotations. Receipt of excise goods after import е-Ad. Dispatch of excise goods after export e-Ad. Loading / Unloading. Storage of goods. We guarantee fast document processing and work skills.

Customs warehouse

Customs warehouse services

Delivery / loading / unloading of sea containers. Loading/unloading of road transport. Storage of third countries goods under customs control. Storage of goods in warehouses. Cargo handling in warehouses. Goods consolidation, sorting, packaging, and preparation for shipment. Electronic accounting of goods turnover in the warehouse. Preparation of required accompanying documents.


Temporary storage warehouse

If during the transit of the cargo, there is missing data for the further customs procedure, it is possible to put the goods in a temporary storage warehouse without issuing a customs declaration. This temporary delay allows to release the vehicle, unload the goods to the warehouse, check the compliance of the nomenclature and weight of the goods with the accompanying documents, as well as request and receive additional documents from the supplier required for processing further customs procedures.


Assistance in working with documents

Unified State Automated Information System in Russia


Acceptance of excise stamps at the warehouse and customs clearance. Excise stamps accounting. Product annotation printing. Excise goods labeling. Data file generating.

Certificate of origin

We offer assistance in obtaining a Certificate of Origin for non-restricted products. Certificate of Origin of Goods allows, in a simplified manner, to go through customs control when importing outside the country of origin.

Broker Services

Import customs clearance: From Non- EU countries, for companies, from small packages to containers. Export declaration: When sending a European cargo from Latvia to Non-EU countries. Registration of temporary and permanent export. Transit: If cargo is in transit through Latvia, (T1).


Local Logistics

Our services include various options for local logistics: Delivery of goods under your PNR - you bring an assembled or general order to our warehouse. Delivery of goods under our PNR - the service is suitable for companies with a small turnover. Goods storage and consolidation. Goods delivery. Goods assembling and sorting. Goods labeling andmarking. Annotations printing.


Electronic information system "LOĢISTIKAS CENTRS DIPOL LATVIJA"

We have developed an electronic information system for the clients of the logistics center, allowing you to receive ONLINE information from the DIPOL warehouse about the arrival and consumption of your goods, about the balance of goods at the moment, about the current tariffs for services according to the contract, as well as invoices issued for warehouse work performed. To connect to the system, you need to get your account number and PIN-code from the DIPOL administration.



Elektroniskā pasūtīšanas sistēma DIPOL-ORDERS.LV

We have developed an order platform where our clients are assigned a personal account, in which the entire assortment of goods in our warehouse can be seen and ordered. Moreover, there are "Promotion" and "Hot goods" sections which allows to sell goods faster under special prices.



Contact Information, Location


Address: Dzelzavas iela 127, Rīga, Latvija,
Phone:+371 22833774
e-Mail: info@dipol.lv